Third Project.



    Which one should we sing?

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    Third Project.

    Post  Mitsuru on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:30 pm

    i'm putting up a poll here with suggestions that we could might use and some have and haven't been mentioned. everyone can vote since they're a part of the chorus. the one with the most votes will win (just to make everything fair). also, we should really start using the forum again, OTL. it helps keep track of the lines and that kind of stuff.

    we need to know who's mixing and who's animating as well. most likely, i'll be helping render pictures and stuff. /o/

    i'd like to have everyone, including you girls as back-up, participate to kinda get the results out with new members and stuff. we have alot of new people, like ham, stella, miyu, tohru, rookie, hanyo...jinhii. Jinhii is our artist, applaud her for being so brave. |D hanyo and rookie are new animators, ham is the new female taking uta's place, and stella, miyu, and tohru are back-up. only this once will they participate (except if it's something extremely special or something...i'm so generous. i think--)

    vote immediately. thank you!

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